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Network marketing is a trade and a trade you can learn.
Perhaps you are thinking now;
“That’s all nice but how?”

A lot of (starting) networkers struggle with this.
In my 25 years as a networker, I have seen many people struggle.
That is also the reason why the Network Mindset College was created.
I can and want to teach you the right techniques that will lead to success and results.

The right method

I have seen so many powerful, wonderful people super motivated and full of drive start Network Marketing. Only to give up after months/years, being very disappointed.
Maybe you recognize this and are absolutely convinced of the power of this industry.
You know it works but haven’t found the right method that works for you, yet!
Believe me, you’re not alone in this.
In the In the first 8 years of my career in this wonderful industry, my focus was on building a stable business.
I did this in my own way.
I saw that I wasn’t going to build a stable residual income just selling products.
On top of that, I didn’t like customers at all because this is super time-consuming and I didn’t want to be a cashier or delivery person.

A distribution channel for own use

I quickly realized that I was not making optimal use of the leverage with clients. And that is precisely what makes Network Marketing a powerful revenue model.
Yet I saw around me that almost everyone was primarily concerned with selling products.
That had to be done differently.
Not through sales but by building a distribution channel based on own use.
I realised that no colleague really gave me a ‘technical and tactical route’ nor could show me how to do it.
That is why I started developing a working method myself.

the network wheel

I now dare to say that this proven successful routing can be applied in every Network Marketing company.
As a result, I have been able to support many seeking networkers and see them grow with this method over the past 15 years.
5 Years ago came the time to give up my active role as a networker (temporary) and to process all my acquired knowledge and experience in the lessons of the NetworkMindsetCollege.
Now I can help more networkers/entrepreneurs much faster in creating their dream life.
Through the lessons of the College I teach you the profession of Network Marketing!
This on-demand program consists of 3 modules of each 16 lessons that together provide a strong foundation.
I will take you through NewMindset, NewMoneyMindset and Network Marketing techniques.

The trained networkers of today are the entrepreneurs of the future.

Who would have thought that we already have arrived in that future.
You can start the NetwerkMindset College at any time.
This program consists of 3 modules of 16 lessons each . Every week there opens one lesson.
All lessons consist of a webinar (video) training on the topic of the lesson.
In addition, there is the written text and you will find assignments that help you implement all the material so that you become proficient.
As support, there is a (group) coaching call regularly to monitor progress.

You can learn what success really means so that you no longer just do something!

All classes when it suits you

There is a Facebook group where questions can be asked and where you can share experiences with the other students and with me. There is no time limit attached to the College and also to the IPA courses. So you can follow the lessons at your own pace.
Even after all modules have been finished, you will continue to have access to the e-learning so that you can always look back.
For your order you have the choice to pay for the program (3 modules) all at once or per module separately.
If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Also know that before you start there is the option of a ‘look behind the scenes’.
During this online appointment of half an hour we will show you the online learning environment and the relevant modules.

This year (2022) you can order the College for a very special price. Click on the links at the bottom of this page to view the price and discount.


✅ An e-learning of 48 lessons
✅ Also accessible when classes are over
On demand
✅ So you can start today
✅ If you really seriously choose success
✅ How the Law of Attraction really works
✅ And what are the right tools to make your business successful
✅If you really want to go for structure
✅If you want to learn a method through the #NetworkWheel
✅ If you want growth in your business
✅There is a Facebookgroup where you can ask questions and share experiences
✅ There is regularly a Coachcall where you can also go with questions

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