At the beginning of the year and after the summer holidays we start with the program Let’s Create Momentum. If you want to continue learning, we recommend the 30 day IPA training. IPA means Income Productive Activities. This is mainly about Money Mindset and the Network Wheel. After LCM, so from February and from October, the weekly (group) coaching for these programs will start again.

If you have already completed the IPAs, you can apply for the ‘next level’ training The Network Mindset College, consisting of 3×16 lessons. The difference between the IPAs and the NMC is more in depth material by means of video lessons. This product can also be ordered throughout the year. Several (group) coaching hours are given across the year.
PLEASE NOTE: The Network Mindset College (NMC) in the English language will be available from January 2022.

The (group) coaching is always supported by a Facebook group. Here you can ask questions and share your experiences. You will also find the recordings of the coach calls in this group.


Let’s Create Momentum starts twice a year and is intended to learn from the right Momentum energy how to make the right invitation. With the use of a Facebook group, we inspire and motivate you to join the group. During the first week you will prepare yourself and make a game plan. After that you will receive various invite techniques via the daily (online) Zoom training. Every afternoon you can ask all your questions live in the Zoom coach call. 

A recording will be made of each training and coach call. You can find these recordings every day in the Facebook group. They are available for a number of weeks. If you CHOOSE to actively participate every day, your Momentum will be created and your calendar fills up with appointments. Momentum requires action, movement, commitment and laser focus. Imagine what happens when a group chooses Momentum.


What is the power of these training courses? By learning and doing what is necessary for 30 days in a row, you become familiar with building a business in Network Marketing.

Many colleagues in Network Marketing often do not have a fixed structure. Therefore, this training is suitable for every networker. Our basis for these training courses is the Network Wheel, which is a proven method. We visualize a bicycle wheel with several spokes. These spokes indicate all the steps that are necessary to achieve the right result in your business. Each lesson comes with an assignment. By actually carrying out this assignment, the difference in results is created. Meanwhile, we can also substantiate this result by the #practical example that we carry out ourselves. Here we show that the theory also works in practice. Currently there are 2 IPAs available. IPA Network Marketing and IPA NewMoneymindset. By clicking on this text you will be directed to the information page of each IPA where you can order.


If you want more depth, the Network Mindset College is a good choice. Some of the classes find overlap with the IPA classes. The NMC is different because of the video lessons with an average of 45 minutes. The classes of the NMC open per week where the IPA’s go per day. So you always have a whole week to listen to the lessons and make the assignments. There are 3 modules with 16 lessons each. Between the lessons there are also reflection weeks. Just to catch your breath or to repeat a lesson. As with the IPA’s there is a (group) coach call now and then. You can make unlimited use of this. So even if all classes are open.

Since 2021 the NMC can also be ordered on demand. Our advice is to do this after you have completed at least 1 IPA training. Before you order, we like to give you the opportunity to ‘take a look behind the scenes’. During this online appointment we will show you the lessons and the structure in half an hour.
PLEASE NOTE: The Network Mindset College (NMC) in the English language will be available from January 2022.

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